Grupo Corpo

With its seductive movement, scintillating music, vibrant costumes, sets and lighting, international sensation Grupo Corpo makes their Tucson debut in a performance that reflects the amazing diversity and rich color of their native Brazil. This incomparable dance troop will light up Centennial Hall with a stimulating mix of street dance, ballet and contemporary Afro- Brazilian movement. Grupo Corpo will perform a double bill of Bach and Gira, two wildly different works that showcase the 21-member group’s extraordinary range. In Gira, choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras constructs a powerful glossary of gestures of praise and movement inspired by Afro-Brazilian religious rituals, set to music by the Brazilian fusion group Méta Méta. In Bach, the baroque world of Johann Sebastian Bach is made modern in a score by Marco Antônio Guimarães, with dancers in brilliant shades of gold, regal blue, and black dropping from a set of enormous organ pipes. Join us as Grupo Corpo delivers a dazzling celebration of Brazil in all its diversity.

Please note: As part of the evening’s program, one of the pieces, GIRA, will contain the appearance of partial nudity.