Las Cafeteras: Hasta La Muerte


21 Oct
7:00 pm

Death is not the end. Music, dance, theatre, and folklore combine in this enthralling new production celebrating life and death in the spirit of the Indigenous/Mexican practice known as Day of the Dead. Step into the colorful, spellbinding realm of Hasta La Muerte by the sonic explosion of Las Cafeteras.

From the imagination of Las Cafeteras, Hasta La Muerte is a vibrant musical adventure exploring the stages of grief and loss through the celebration of life and death. Follow along as La Catrina (Patron Saint of the Dead) returns every Dia de los Muertos to console the living and guide the dead to the afterlife. Watch as she encounters the spirits of La Llorona, La Bruja, and young migrants crossing the borders in a powerfully moving testament to the universal power of storytelling as a form of processing grief and sharing love with those in the beyond.

Don’t miss mesmerizing choreography, poetry, and a score of original and traditional songs in this colorful experience–now in Centennial Hall! Be sure to join us for the Arizona Arts Live Fiesta at 6:00 PM featuring food trucks, local music, and our altar with ofrendas or offerings, a practice that believes our loved ones never truly die as long as we remember them.

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, Las Cafeteras are remixing roots music as modern-day troubadours with their medley of Afro-Mexican rhythms, electronic beats, and powerful rhymes. Their electrifying traditional instrumentation, like the 8-string Jarana, 4-string Requinto, Quijada (donkey jawbone), and Tarima (a wooden platform) echo their deep roots in Chicano pride.