Manual Cinema: Frankenstein


26 Oct
7:30 pm

Love, loss, and creation merge in unexpected ways in this visually stunning retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic tale, Frankenstein. Chicago-based Manual Cinema imaginatively combines shadow puppetry, cinematic techniques, sound effects, and hauntingly beautiful live music to take you on a twisted journey like you’ve never experienced!

Written in 1818 by English author Mary Shelley, Frankenstein tells the story of young scientist Victor Frankenstein who creates a sentient creature through unorthodox scientific means. Manual Cinema stitches together this classic in a feature-length performance using overhead projected shadow puppetry, live video, live music, and costumed actors to create an unexpected story about the beauty and horror of creation.

Commissioned and premiered by The Court Theatre in Chicago in November 2018, with additional commissioning support provided by the University of California, Berkeley, Frankenstein was originally developed with The Public Theater’s Devised Theater Initiative in a research residency partnership with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, with assistance from the Orchard Project Ari Edelson, Artistic Director. The show was the recipient of the 2018 Jim Henson Workshop Grant.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this innovative and captivating retelling of Frankenstein. Get your tickets now and be prepared to be amazed by the power of 3D puppetry, live video, and music!